Dayton O'Donnell, a writer from Denver, Colorado.
Dayton O'Donnell, author of Shorts and Shit an anthology.

Shorts & Shit | An Anthology

"This quirky collection provides a refreshing new approach to perspective in storytelling. O’Donnell’s writing is witty, clever, and calculated in Shorts & Shit. This group of short stories and poems paired creative narrative progressions with short bursts of free verse. I found the structure of the anthology made O’Donnell’s themes easy to engage, and provided a fun experience for readers throughout the book."

          - Kayla Riportella | Reedsy


A Poem

Inside my head
there is a world
that cries to spill
out into life
or else
the people living there
— the monsters, too —
may grow cold and die.

They’re counting on me, though
— yelling in my ear — to save them;

to take the time
to pick them one
by one by one by one
and pull them from their
hidden prisons built with
treasured pasts and bricks
of squirrelly stone cut from
cliffs of edges still unknown.

And if I refuse to save them?

likely go extinct
and I fear, with them,
so will I.

So, no. I haven’t
been sleeping lately.

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